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Avi & Brandon have been fans of professional wrestling for over 30 years and each week we will give you our insights to what's going on in today's world of pro wrestling as well as visit different topics from yesteryear and give you an insight like you have never heard before.

Episode 1: WrestleMania

WrestleMania is the Showcase of the Immortals, but which Manias were Good, Bad, Ugly, and just Crap?

EPISODE 2: Mania Weekend Talk & NXT

We break down the Mania weekend events, Raw & SDL After Mania, and talk AEW & NXT.

EPISODE 3: Superstar Shake-Up

The Superstar shake-up took place this week who went where and what effect will it have on Raw and SmackDown

Episode 4: Tuesday Night Special

Raw & SmackDown Live Recap

Episode 5: Q & A

Brandon tests Avi's knowlege as the boys discuss wrestling's past.

Episode 7: Tuesday Night Talk

We discuss Raw, SDL, AEW, and Impact.

Episode 6: GoT, Endgame, and Wrestling

This week we tackle the GoT Battle of Winterfell, Avengers Endgame (no spoilers!) and even some wrestling news.

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